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Body Works Fitness & Physiotherapy proudly has one of the only Fit Fore Golf Certified Physiotherapists in Central Newfoundland. We also have one of the only high tech golf simulators in the area as well!! So if you have a golf injury that comes back every golf season, or if you just want to come and play a round of golf during the long winter months, we've got you covered!

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Fit Fore Golf is a research-based golf rehabilitation and injury prevention program incorporating the latest developments in science and sport medicine. FITforeGOLF assessments are based on clinical expertise, hands-on research, technical and teaching experience, and a love for the game. So if you have a nagging golf injury, want to develop more power in your swing, or need to be shown a proper golf warm-up to prevent injury, we have the solution for you.

Come in and try our simulator and allow us to identify the muscle issues in your body that are preventing you from reaching your full golf potential!!

Want Some Help?